Snowy Forbidden Plateau

Yesterday I drove all the way up to Strathcona Provincial Park’s Forbidden Plateau, as I wanted to hike the Helen McKenzie loop trail.

This was my first spring visit to the park so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The forecast was great: 18 degrees Celsius and a slight overcast, pretty much ideal for a long hike.

What I didn’t expect to see was snow still covering much of the trail. In some places the snow had even collapsed the boardwalk underneath.

Once I got to the Helen McKenzie loop, there was too much snow to see where the trail was going. I explored the snowy forest for a little while, but after finding more bear tracks than trail clues I decided to turn around. I’ve only hiked the Helen McKenzie loop once before so instead of taking the risk, I opted to hike the much shorter and more familiar Paradise Meadows loop instead:

2016.05.31__11.08.53 2016.05.31__11.28.41 2016.05.31__11.44.49

Even this easy loop had its tricky parts, as it was frequently hard to see where the boardwalk was…


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