Return to Botanical Beach

Half a year ago Marije and I visited Botanical Beach. We were very impressed with what we found there and promised ourselves to return in the summer, when the tidal pool conditions would be optimal.

We returned yesterday, and what a beautiful day it was!

Instead of the blazing sunshine we were promised by the weather forecast, we spent the day inside a hazy fog reminiscent of our days in Newfoundland:



The tidal pools weren’t any less impressive because of the fog, perhaps they were even more impressive because the diffuse lighting lit up every corner of the pools.

Marije is a total pro around tidal pools, and she hardly misses anything. After carefully walking around some of the pools, she spotted a curious fish, only half submerged:


It was a northern clingfish, apparently a familiar resident of BC tidal pools, but this was the first time we saw one. This fish is able so survive above the water as long as it holds a supply of water underneath its clingy suction cup.

Other animals we saw included the usual lineup of starfish, urchins, chitons, eagles, kingfishers, seals and crows. One crow managed to surprise us when it started to mimic a sea lion, repeatedly vocalizing just like a group of passing sea lions would do. Very odd and very amusing behaviour.



After two hours at the pools the tide started overtaking us so we decided to retreat to the safety of the forest, and soon found our way back to the car.

Looking back on the day, Marije and I agree that Botanical Beach is still our favourite place on Vancouver Island 🙂


4 thoughts on “Return to Botanical Beach

  1. I totally understand why you love this place! Just looking at the pictures it amazes me. But THIS seeing live WOW, I can only imagine!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Viola, yes it’s an amazing place, especially if you like all the weird and wonderful little lifeforms on the coast, as we do 🙂

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