Baby elephant seal at Race Rocks

The Race Rocks are a well known Ecological Reserve located just south of Vancouver Island, I ‘visited’ there once when I was on a whale watching trip this past fall.

For a while now, elephant seals have been present on the main island, I know this because every now and then I have a look at them through a webcam that looks down from the lighthouse. Over the past months I’ve enjoyed seeing their antics, but today I was absolutely delighted: there was a young elephant seal pup!


Marije and I were immediately glued to the screen, watching the pup wriggling in the grass as it was gently caressed by its mom.

After checking with the blog section of the Race Rocks page, I learned that this pup was born 3 days ago, even though it looked like it was just born today.

For many great photos and several absolutely brilliant high quality video clips, visit the Race Rocks website:

For a live view of the baby seal, try your luck tuning into webcam-1, making sure you close the page when you’re done, giving other people a chance to see it too:


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